About the Farm

Winter at Honeyhill Farm

Effective November 2015 we have exited the farmers markets and ceased the production of chickens and vegetables.

Our plans are to concentrate on and expand our Grassfed Beef and, national in scope, Seed Garlic businesses. 

Words alone can not express our gratitude toward those whom we had the pleasure to offer our quality vegetables and chickens!


Fred & Sue


The farm on Honeyhill was originally settled in 1848 and is owned and operated by Fred and Sue Forsburg. The farm is named for the hill upon which it is located.

In 1990 we started to grow garlic in numbers significantly larger than typical gardeners as we were by then hooked on quality garlic as opposed to what was available in the markets. We shared most of this with friends and coworkers. 

Upon leaving my job in industry in 2002 I  increased production of the hard-necked garlic and started to sell it in markets for culinary use. By 2003 we had expanded to a wide variety of vegetables and in 2004 we added pasture raised chickens and for the first time sold our garlic to other small growers intended as seed.  Our next major addition, in 2007, was 100% grassfed beef and we have expanded the herd annually as we fenced and improved more pastures. By this time our seed garlic business had gone national.

All these crops and markets allowed for little time off thus in late 2015 we made the difficult decision to cease vegetable and chicken operations and exit the farmers markets.  Going forward, we will expand both the seed garlic and beef operations.

Except for limited use of modern technology, today’s farm operations would not surprise our predecessors. Cattle forage on natural pastures consisting of native perennial species as nature intended. No antibiotics, chemicals, animal byproducts, or growth stimulants are used in production. Processing of meats is carefully accomplished by a skilled family operation.