Organic Garlic Seed

Certified Organic - Seed Garlic for Commercial Growers and Gardeners 

Organic garlic growing at Honeyhill FarmWe offer quality, organic seed garlic, grown on Honeyhill Farm in the Finger Lakes of New York. Honeyhill Farm has grown superior organic garlic since 1992 and received organic certification in 2004.

Our  Variety
Throughout the years, we’ve grown many garlic varieties—both soft and hard necks. We ultimately settled on one variety of garlic that satisfies all our quality attributes: taste, hardiness, consistent large bulb size, tight wrappers, long term storage, ease of clean-up, and appearance. It is commonly known as German White or German Extra Hardy.

German White (Allium Sativum var. ophioscorodon) - Porcelain Hardneck
This variety is the standard by which all are measured for winter hardiness, a vigorous grower with heavy roots that protect it from heaving. It typically produces 6 large cloves per bulb that are uniform and easy-to-peel. It is robust and delicious with just the right amount of heat, but not hot. Meaty scapes in late spring are tender and flavorful. Excellent long keeper when properly cured. Chefs love it for the incredible flavor and easy-to-remove clove wrappers.

Growing Garlic
The garlic at Honeyhill Farm is essentially grown by hand. Each plant is inspected for quality during cultivation and each bulb at harvest, curing (drying), cleaning and grading. Any rejected plants, bulbs or cloves are immediately removed from the farm!

We grade seed garlic in two sizes: 2" and 1.75". Most growers specify 2" however we and many other professional growers utilize  1.75" as there are naturally more cloves / pound and as the cloves contain all the DNA to make large bulbs will do so in good soil.

We utilize mechanical cultivation in most instances but to treat problem, in-row weeds, we use vinegar and have received grant funding to research its use. Read the report: Vinegar as an Herbicide in Organic Garlic Production (PDF).

If you have any questions about our garlic production, we’re happy to speak with you.

Purchasing Seed
Our seed garlic is guaranteed high quality and disease-free—it’s the same garlic we use for our own seed and is tested annually at Cornell.

We do not charge for shipping, packaging or handling and ship FedEx Ground anywhere in the country.

Orders:  We take orders starting in January due to high demand and limited supply - (10 lb. minimum).

Shipment: Beginning September 1 or per your requirements.

Contact us for pricing.