Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

At Honeyhill Farm, we believe that all food is not created equal and that quality cannot result from dreadful and hasty methodology. We grow food by best practices. Growing organically is an expression of a quality process that includes a holistic approach toward improved soil care and selection of varieties that are appropriate to our climate and our soil.

We use appropriate pest management strategies that discourage insects and disease, rather than fight them as a result of imprudent practices.

 Sustainable Management

Our sustainable management strategy employs four essential themes: profitability, environmental stewardship, organic production and a diversified model. This model distributes production over garlic and pastured livestock. As there are no competing management requirements, difficulties in one enterprise won’t jeopardize the farm’s fiscal sustainability.

We maintain a strong and active commitment toward continuous process improvement and frequently introduce improved methods reflecting sustainable concepts whenever prudent. This, along with membership in many agricultural organizations and the cultivation of personal relationships, helps us maintain cutting edge knowledge of both sustainable and organic methodology. We also believe in—and practice—buying locally. Most purchases of farm products and services come from local and independent businesses.


Soil is our most valued resource—rather than depletion, our soils are continually improved. The intended consequence is an improved environment for current and future generations and that Honeyhill Farm is a functional example of a sustainable system.

Our pastures are now part of the Grass Land Reserve Program which means that they may never be plowed again! Native perennial grasses and clovers require only that they be mowed annually. This is accomplished by the cattle sans equipment thus reducing soil compaction and fuel.

 100% Grassfed Beef

Nature is the basis for everything that takes place on Honeyhill Farm. Our Angus cattle utilize pasture in a controlled rotation. Carefully managed grazing ensures the pasture is not abused and that animal droppings are evenly dispersed. In this process, the grass is nourished naturally so that the pasture is lush and green the next time the animals visit the site which is generally 7-8 weeks. This rest period allows the grasses to regrow and recharge their energy stores.

With no need to apply chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides and with natural growth of lush grasses, there is no run-off into local streams; we are good neighbors. As a result of the way operations are carried out, our animals live happy and healthy lives with the added benefits of improved nutrition and flavor. A recent USDA-funded study revealed that grassfed animals are lower in cholesterol, fat and calories. Importantly, there is a significant taste advantage.